Misa's Fugue Lauded in PA State Senate
On Wednesday, June 11, longtime Misa's Fugue supporter State Senator Judy Schwank voted in favor of a bill that would allow public schools to teach about the Holocaust and other forms of genocide and human rights violations. While speaking on behalf of the bill, Schwank mentioned Misa's Fugue as an example of good Holocaust education in a Pennsylvania school.

The following is the text of her statement made on the floor of the Pennsylvania Senate:
“With passage of this legislation, we are demonstrating not so much that we understand the devastation that some of the most tragic events in human century have wrought – not only the Shoah, but genocides committed against humanity – but that we understand how important it is that our children know this, as well.

“As a child, I learned about the Holocaust through first-person accounts from family and neighbors. I can recall those conversations vividly. The horrific events they described left lasting impressions. I don’t think I’d be too dramatic to say that they are engraved upon my soul.

“The opportunity [to hear those firsthand accounts] is almost closed to today’s students as elderly Holocaust survivors are passing away. The opportunities to talk directly with them are slipping away. We have no time to waste.

“I can tell you that there are very good examples of how Holocaust and genocide education can be integrated into our school curriculum. Fleetwood School District, in my senatorial district, produced a full-length documentary, “Misa’s Fugue,” about an individual Holocaust survivor that they met online. Not only did they write the screenplay, they wrote the music, they played the music, they did the artwork. This film has been seen not only all over the United States but worldwide. These are high school students who were able to do this.”

The Senate voted 49-0 Wednesday to approve an amended version of House Bill 1424. The proposal returns to the House for further consideration. The House cast no negative votes when it considered the original bill on June 20, 2013.

Special thanks to Schwank's Press Secretary Mark Shade for the above press release.