Misa's Fugue Receives 2 Emmy Nods

On Tuesday, August 12, the official nominations were released for the Emmy Awards in the Mid-Atlantic region and the Misa's Fugue team received two nominations. The nominations are in the categories of "Documentary" and "Screenwriting". The actual awards ceremony will take place next month in Philadelphia, but the Misa's Fugue team is simply elated over the nominations themselves.

"The experience of making this film and sharing it with so many people has been phenomenal in and of itself," says Producer Jennifer Goss. "To see this film be recognized by some of the leaders in the television industry is simply unbelievable. We never set out to do this [be nominated] 4 years ago, and to have this happen is such a privilege."

"Our next step is to get decked out and head to Philadelphia on September 20," shares Director Sean Gaston. "The nomination itself is amazing and we plan to go to the ceremony and enjoy the moment. Whether or not we win, the fact that we were nominated is incredible and we plan to celebrate that fact next month."

Goss and Gaston will be joined at the ceremony by Screenwriter Zachary Houp and their spouses. Cinematographer Jim Hollenbaugh was on hand last night with Gaston for the announcements and also hopes to attend the ceremony, as does Executive Producer and documentary subject, Frank Grunwald and his wife, Barbara. Other members of the team also hope to share in the moment.

Stay tuned for more news!